In this corridor of white 

Where birds flock and fly through the bluest skies 

I play tunes that make the mind drift 

I imagine flying over fields of white, over mists of the winter storm.

I’ve added you into dreams. Streaks of sunlight break up the ice and reality  makes its way towards the exit sign

Stand by for the spectacle of eternity.

What if all this time you were going the wrong way? Afraid of being left out in the cold. 

Church steeples, branches and football fields peak through their burial, gasping for summers air – in awe at nature’s beauty.

“Up there beyond the clouds!” They whisper that the other side is better. 

Little do they know that there between the sky and the earth they can view the world in its ambivalent chaos, its maddening duality. 

The spectacle of eternity in snowfall

Inspires the romantic in me.

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