​Movement is the motivation

Human with no destination in mind

-Jamie Woon from ‘Movement’
Disclaimer: I do not claim to know the artists intentions behind the lyrics but can only offer you my interpretation of them.
What drew me to this line in Jamie woons track Movement was the idea of destination. Resisting the cliché that ‘not all wanderers are lost’ which can clearly be proved or disproved. I would rather focus on what it means to not have a specific destination. But still be moving towards/away, assuming for now that we can only move in two directions..

Sometimes setting goals helps to order the present work or moves you are undertaking, giving them reason or weight. Sometimes there is no reason, sometimes the motivation just comes from the moves themselves; movement is the motivation it propells you, it is a dominoe effect of motion and energy casting you into the unknown.

Pherhaps by giving into the flow of life’s movement we can relinquish our desires to have a destination in mind, to build up expectations of an ineffable future . 

Does that mean we have no goals or aspirations or dreams? No of course not. It means for me relinquishing our sometimes obsessive desire to see some future in them. By releasing our attachment and need to control every outcome we can truly work on what is present. These moves will create ripples in time- that which is within us and in front of us will take us where we need to be,  if it is the journey that motivates us. 

Movement is the motivation 

Pherhaps what is most important is that we are always moving, transforming and growing. 

That we are always human. 

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