Acrylic on canvas.. Clarity in the Midst of a Metropolis 

I dreamt of clarity

I dreamt with clarity

I meditated on it with hopes it would bring me peace of mind

Clarity is sometimes confused with clairvoyance: ‘The supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.’

Said faculty is an impossible desire, to be able to make decisions based on what we believe to be an accurate presumption of where we believe our lives to be, where we believe each action will take us. In reality these ideas stem either from a want or from a place of fear, both can lead us to make decisions about our lives that are detrimental and illusory.

Clairvoyance is an impossibility, clarity on the other hand can be practiced everyday,  in each moment. The ways of seeing things clearly be it our lives, our relationships with others no matter how awful or brilliant they may be. Seeing things with clarity can be the most liberating thing. It is an ability to see things for how they are and  not how we want them to be.

Modern society does not want to create citizens equipped with clarity, capitalism feeds off our insecurities and are desire for clairvoyance and illusory stability. By creating artificial needs that will help us become ‘better’ people. Commodifying our interpersonal and most intimate relationships, shifting us away from seeing the most basic qualities in others that may truly enrich our lives.

Sometimes I too get lost int he bells and whistles of our world and lose track of what I really want. Clarity, clarity, clarity.


From here it is up to us, moving forward life will always be a risk, being truly happy is a risk, loving the people you surround yourself with is a risk. But letting go of our fears and desires, letting go of our longing for clairvoyance and almost losing ourselves in it can be the first steps towards some sort of. Clarity.

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