Growing Pains

Photo London 35mm film camera Cannon

Growing Pains // Chisara Agor

Its 1am.

-I think

Although I got lost on the last tube back down south —where things make sense

Not so dense

Headaches and smoke and strangers hands reaching out, unwanted and unnecessary

I thought I was well –Growing Pains—

I pretended

But my body knew the extent of my lies

And my rouge fell apart in a crowded room full of lustful eyes

So it turned out otherwise

There I was, with a yearning to be near water

Naked by an ocean somewhere, returning to the island where my thoughts were still and waves purified my worries with the force of the tide

But the closest touch for me was hard porcelain softened by the feeling of twilight.

I reached out to white cold and sunk beneath warm foam until my body sighed

Until there was nothing left to wipe clean

Although there is always something left behind – growing pains —

Switch on the candle, switch off the light

I made an artificial heaven out of our modern existence

With porcelain and battery’s and Spotify

Where real tears mixed with lavender scent

A catharsis  of body and mind, crying I’m sorrys and forgive me-s and be strongs and be gentles and be kinds

For who else can heal you than the one who lives inside your mind

–growing pains–

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